It has been two hundred years since the Gate last opened, spilling forth an enemy that irrevocably altered the world. Now comes Earth-woman, Kassanderae, a strangely-clad Visitor with even odder ideas, landing right across the path of a mysterious traveler. Rae never dreamt going out for a jog could lead to such adventure, as she falls through the prehistoric portal into a story of ancient prophecy, accidental magic, and monarchical madness.

Saved from the start by the Golden Sun, she is stunned by his beauty. Yet already he hides a secret, too shameful to admit. And as the threat of death presses upon them, she has a few surprises of her own in store, as he learns she is his fate in more ways than he could imagine.

In an enchanted world, a race against time to save a long-forgotten people is coming to its end. And as the Wise Ones brace for extermination, one question remains unanswered: WHO IS THE VISITOR? What strange twist of fate spat her forth at this historic moment? Could she be the one for whom the wizard waits? Will she lead the elves to victory, or does her destiny lie elsewhere?

Slip through the Gate of Galithonel and join one woman’s journey of subterfuge and self-discovery as she finds her gifts for a world in crisis and discovers the secrets of a wondrous race…energy masters, gifted healers, devoted lovers…Immortal Elves.

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