Ashandra-Aah first began writing in her teens, utilizing poetry and songwriting as a means to express the rebellion, angst and uncertainty of the turbulent sixties. Soon after, she quickly began journaling as a tool for personal growth, later incorporating the medium of writing and other expressive arts into her professional counseling work. Though she was often told by others that she “should write,” she rarely had opportunity until a health crisis landed her flat on her back. While bedridden for half a year, she had a dream one night and The Gate of Galithonel was born.

Ashandra-Aah is a modern voice with an ancient sensibility. She brings to her writing a critical look at contemporary culture and a deep understanding of human nature. As author, her interest lies in exploring the human concepts of love, peace and justice and how we might manifest those things within ourselves and our world by stepping into our highest and most authentic selves.

Shaman, wisdom elder, and Lightworker, Ashandra-Aah is founder and owner of the Heart of Light Center for Shamanic Light Work, whose mission is to facilitate the identification and clearing of imprints from the luminous body to assist individuals in re-discovering their wholeness, joy and true freedom. Her educational background includes doctoral work at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and Oral Roberts University School of Medicine, as well as studies with the founders of psychodrama, eco-psychology and poetry therapy; with Arnold Mindell and the Process Work Institute, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and individual shamans, such as Alberto Villoldo, in the Incan, Huichol, and Lakota Sioux traditions. Ashandra-Aah is the originator of Light Quest™: a week-long immersion experience of light-body clearing, supportive ritual, and nature retreat. For more further information on Ashandra-Aah and Lightbody work, you may view her professional website at

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