“A compelling, exciting, spell-binding, mystical magical journey of adventure, love, betrayal…wisdom of the ages.” D.K. San Francisco

“I didn’t want to leave the beautiful Elven world – especially not to return to computer screens, windowless offices and cell phone disruptions. Extremely well-crafted and absorbing … I couldn’t put the book down!” P.S, Orange Co., CA

“A truly epic tale that made a lasting impression on me. I identified with the disillusionment with modern industrial culture that the main character, earth woman Kassanderae, experienced. The beautiful elven race resonated strongly with my values of reverence for the earth and all beings, and their way of compassionate stewardship for life. The heroic journey of Kassanderae brought out my own inner hero and I found myself ready to step out courageously into the world, facing whatever may come, all for the greater good. This book is full of insight on many levels and sure to inspire anyone who reads it. In the past I haven’t ‘found the time’ to read books. Now I find myself eagerly awaiting the next book in this series!” Kassi O, Sebastapol

“Written by healer and visionary author, Ashandra-Aah, this story illuminates the depth of the heart and what is possible when lived from a place of higher understanding. An epic tale of a woman’s journey to her own power, I resonate with her struggle to align with her higher wisdom and guidance to do what’s right. I couldn’t put it down. A captivating hero’s journey, love story, and spiritual quest.” S.T. San Francisco

“I like the social criticism and intellectual discussions in this book. Bravo for a thinking man’s fantasy!” L.C. Cincinnati, OH

“Environmentally friendly elves? Who could ask for more? haha!” S.A. Madison, WI

“Oh those dreamy, sexy elves…” C.A. Dayton, Ohio

“Finally. A fantasy about the principles of peace.” D.S. Dallas, Texas

“I loved this book so much. I was truly hooked immediately because I connected with the characters deeply. I wish they all existed in real life because I would just love to hang out with them!!! I recommend this book to everyone. You will be on an adventure till the end of the book and then excited to read the sequel!!” S. Phegley. Tucson, AZ

“Loved the book. Even the swirling cover lured me inside. Stayed up later than usual for a few nights because I simply couldn’t put it down. Learned a lot from the vivid and believable characters. Surprised but respectful of Rae’s choice at the end. Could easily see this story amplified on a movie screen. Story stretched my bodymindspirit and enhanced my own creative energies in significant ways.” S. Tracy, OP

“Reading this book is like going and seeing a movie with a really good story. You know — the kind where you’re so entertained you never stop to wonder how it’s going to end. I like the suspense of a woman in a foreign place addressing un-heard of challenges. And the characters are interesting and complex. The heroine, Rae, is a dynamic woman with a lot goin’ on. Plus, she’s HOT! And the elves are cool, gentle warriors. I found the Gate of Galithonel an exciting, page-turner with intrigue, mystery, and suspense. I couldn’t put it down.” S. Thomas. Eugene, OR

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